IOS 7 Messages: How do I delete a Message?

I do hate getting duplicate messages. When roaming this happens as the phone switches between surrogate networks. When this happens my home network tends to send me a text message just to remind me how much they're about to ripe me off.


The other day while on one of those trips the above happened & I wanted to delete a message I thought was a duplicate. IOS has supported deleting of messages since IOS3 so... wait... where has delete gone???


I'm sure it used to be a contextual modal menu option? Or maybe it was across the top of the screen somewhere... I can't remember!!

Enter my iPhone 4 running IOS6


Oh yes there was an edit button in the top right which once pressed popped out a radio button and a menu along the bottom with a greyed out delete button.


So why have apple removed this easy to understand interface? Surely everyone's 2nd most used function is delete in messager?

It took me 2 minutes of swiping left, right, up, down, double triple clicking on a message before I realised the 'More..' option in the modal popup. Hidden in that word is the ability to 'delete'. Selecting 'More..' reveals the familiar radio buttons. The red delete button in the lower menu has been replaced with a traditional 'bin' image.

Funny how I never noticed that there was also a bin icon on the old interface. Must be the red colour.


I fully understand that the concept of 'forward' has been expanded in IOS7 but why has deleting become such an obscure action and what did I originally want to do again?