Day #37 sleep 2332800

I hate descriptive writing. 

Something that vocally I could explain in minutes takes me hours to write. I spend countless iterations writing and deleting sentences, thinking of what to write and generally faffing about simple because I find descriptive writing difficult. Ask me to write a technical document and I'll have that completed in a second. Ask me to explain my reasoning, thoughts , experiences..  is that the washing machine I hear.. urrgh..

Take now for example. All I want to say is:

"It's been 27 days since my last update because I have been spending  most of my time learning Objective-C, Xcode and Apples developer ecosystem"

However (as you can't start a sentence with BUT) this doesn't express my feelings about the process. 

It doesn't nearly express the wealth of experiences I have gained in such a short time.

How excited I am & how it's made me love coding again.

 It doesn't explain how I've approached this project completely differently from any other project I've done in my life so far OR as important how I would not take this approach again.

It would take me 5 minutes to tell you that reading a development book from cover to cover & doing every exercise in full does not compare to the experience you get from working on a self made problem and figuring stuff out yourself. This is something I've always believed yet never tested.

If only I could express my feelings in writing.