Coin: The Debit/Credit Card of The Future?

By now I'm sure you've seen this product.


I think this it's a great idea... it's just that... Last week I used my Debit / Credit card 21 times



Magnetic strip: once







Chip & PIN: 6 times


Contactless : 11 times


Online: 3 times

A great idea with a limited time to live (in it's current form)

RedBull Ultra Natural

RedBull really has most of the exciting 'extreme' sports tied up. Gotta hand it to them they are helping progress the sports they invest in (how did they get themselves so well planned in these sports?).

I digress. Here's a short clip of some of the highlights from Ultra Natural the 2nd  year of this event. Jah only knows what they will call it next year.